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The App Curriculum for 2014

The Director of the National Education Trust, ROY BLATCHFORD, peers into the future and predicts a time when every pupil in England has their own iPad and follows a stripped-down 'app curriculum'.

03 Jan 2012 Exclusive to

Problems publishing School Profiles

Since the 2005 Education Act, schools have been required to publish their school profile. Althoug...

04 Jan 2012

Ofsted and to be or not to be 'satisfactory'

Interesting decision from Ofsted to abolish the 'satisfactory' grading. Keen readers of this we...

18 Jan 2012

Twitter questions for Gove

Well done to the cross-party Education Select Committee for giving the public and the teaching pr...

23 Jan 2012

Your top education blog topics of 2011

 It's slightly late, I fear, but I can now bring you the results of my detailed and intensi...

23 Jan 2012