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Why Ofsted's 'satisfactory' is just not good enough

In this guest article, the influential Director of the National Education Trust and former HMI, Roy Blatchford, argues that Ofsted is missing a trick by failing to reform the grading system for school inspections.

07 Jun 2011 Exclusive to 'Mike Baker Education'

Time to scrap Ofsted's 'satisfactory' rating?

I've just published a hard-hitting and controversial guest essay by former HMI Roy Blatchford in...

07 Jun 2011

Oxford vote of no confidence in Willetts

This afternoon, Oxford Academics supported a motion of no confidence in the Universities Minister...

07 Jun 2011

How to find my Teachers TV programmes

 Following the demise of Teachers TV, I'm happy to report it is still possible to view all ...

12 Jun 2011

Gove's invitation to parents infuriates teachers

 The Schools Secretary, Michael Gove, has succeeded in throwing petrol on the flames of the ...

26 Jun 2011