Website Archive - Jan 2011

Two Cheers for the English Bacc

In this guest column, HMI and Director of the National Education Trust, Roy Blatchford, argues the English Bacc is taking us in the right direction.

19 Jan 2011

League tables and English Bac

The secondary school league tables for England will be published this week and will include - for...

10 Jan 2011

League tables and spending figures

Interesting move by the government to publish school-by-school spending figures alongside the aca...

12 Jan 2011

Superb resource for history of English education

Derek Gillard's 'history of education in England' website has been updated. This impressive re...

17 Jan 2011

Alan Bennett on private schools and history teaching

I had the great pleasure of listening to - and asking a question of - the playwright and author, ...

18 Jan 2011

Capital funding announced for 6th Form Colleges

 The government has announced a £90 million package of capital funding for 6th Form Co...

19 Jan 2011

Gove defends 'incoherence' of national curriculum plans

The Education Secretary, Michael Gove,sought to defend himself against a charge of "incohere...

20 Jan 2011

Full details of national curriculum review

To the smooth saxophone of the school's jazz ensemble, the Education Secretary took to the ...

20 Jan 2011

ATL to ballot for national strike action

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers is to hold a ballot for ...

24 Jan 2011