Website Archive - Dec 2010

Has the pupil premium lost its shine?

The pupil premium will be worth £430 per child next year as funding is phased in slowly. How much difference will it make?

21 Dec 2010 BBC News Online

3 new films on the schools White Paper

 I have just completed three videos for Teachers TV looking at key aspects of the recent edu...

03 Dec 2010

Qatar wins World Cup and education too!

The second World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) kicks off in Doha, Qatar next week. I wil...

04 Dec 2010

Waning of impact of funding crisis on education

 The leading global summit on education opens tomorrow amidst warnings of the dangers of red...

06 Dec 2010

Watch videos on reforms to curriculum and Ofsted

 The latest videos in my Teachers TV series investigating the impact of the recent education...

06 Dec 2010

School sports campaign continues

 The campaign to save the schools sports partnerships from the £162 million cuts is co...

06 Dec 2010

World education summit offers reform proposals

 I chaired the plenary session at the World Innovation Summit for Education in Doha, Qatar t...

07 Dec 2010

How to tackle the education funding crisis

 The second day of the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) in Qatar focused on the ...

08 Dec 2010

Watch debate at final day of world education summit

 On the final day of the World Innovation Summit for Education in Doha, Qatar I chaired a fa...

09 Dec 2010

Pupil Premium: a pale shadow of itself

 The details announced today of both the pupil premium and the education funding allocations...

13 Dec 2010

Research spending cut in real terms

The coalition government has published funding allocations for science and research in England.

20 Dec 2010

Grudging change of heart on school sport

 The semi U-turn on school sport appears to be a rather grudging acceptance that the governm...

20 Dec 2010

No more places at universities as funding cut again

There will be no extra places at university next year, despite the higher than usual rejection ra...

20 Dec 2010

Cable stays in charge of universities and FE

The Business Secretary, Vince Cable, will remain in charge of his department (and therefore of&nb...

21 Dec 2010

Review of the Year

 Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year to all readers of this blog - thanks for v...

26 Dec 2010