Website Archive - Nov 2010

£9,000 fees will turn students into consumers

Student leaders have warned that - if fees rise to £9,000 a year - they will be much more demanding 'consumers', changing university-student relations for ever.

19 Nov 2010 BBC News Online

Will all universities charge £9,000 fees

The government says universities should only charge £9,000 in 'exceptional circumstances' - but will universities toe that line?

19 Nov 2010 BBC News Online

University fees cap to rise to £9,000

 The BBC is reporting tonight that the government will announce tomorrow that the tuition fe...

02 Nov 2010

Government confirms rise in tuition fee cap

The Universities Minister, David Willetts, has confirmed that the cap on tuition fees in England ...

03 Nov 2010

My Teachers TV video on the Spending Review

 My latest video for the 'Need to Know' series on Teachers' TV looks at the Comprehensive...

03 Nov 2010

Protests over axing of School Sport Partnerships

 Protests are growing over the government's decision to cut all £162 million funding ...

03 Nov 2010