Website Archive - Oct 2010

End of 'no touch' rule over-spun

On the eve of the Tory conference, there has been much coverage of the government's plan to end ...

03 Oct 2010

Mixed messages from Tory conference

 I've just returned from the Tory party conference in Birmingham where there were some conf...

07 Oct 2010

World education experts meet in Bahrain

 Mike Baker reports from Bahrain:

Teachers, academics and ministers from across th...

08 Oct 2010

Labour's new shadow education ministers

 Andy Burnham - one of the defeated leadership candidates - is the new Shadow Schools Secret...

08 Oct 2010

Mixed recipes for school system success

 Big international education gatherings offer a chance for educators to seek new solutions t...

09 Oct 2010

Is private better than public for schools?

 'Can the private sector approach deliver better outcomes for schools than the public secto...

09 Oct 2010

Labour's full shadow education teams

Department for Education

  • Andy Burnham MP
  • Kevin ...

    10 Oct 2010

University fees - Cable leaves wriggle room

 The Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has welcomed the Browne Review's proposal to lift the...

12 Oct 2010

The politics behind school reform

 The first programme in my latest series 'Need To Know' is now airing on Teachers TV.


14 Oct 2010

Education quangos on the hit (and saved) list

 The government has now published the full list of quangos to be abolished, merged or saved....

14 Oct 2010

More academies and 'free schools' to open

The latest figures on the number of schools converting to academy status were revealed at an acad...

14 Oct 2010

Teachers TV scrapped

 The Teachers TV channel is to be terminated by the government from April 2011. The channel,...

15 Oct 2010

Spending Review - watch the small print

 Beware the pre-spin ahead of the Comprehensive Spending Review on Wednesday. Some people ha...

18 Oct 2010

Free schools in pubs, cinemas or bookies?

 The government has published a consultation paper on possible changes to planning regulatio...

19 Oct 2010