Website Archive - Sep 2010

School reform in England and the USA

Who is following whom in school reform policy on either side of the Atlantic? President Obama looks to Blair-ite reforms while Cameron mimics charter schools.

25 Sep 2010 The Guardian

US questions value of college

As tuition fees rise ever higher, and graduate jobs remain scarce, the value-for-money of US universities is being questioned.

25 Sep 2010 BBC News Online

USA education season on Mike Baker's blog

 I'm in the USA for the start of the new academic year, so will be blogging on some North A...

03 Sep 2010

US universities spend on sports while cutting elsewhere

 Interesting front-page article in today's New York Times about how US universities are boo...

03 Sep 2010

US schools pioneer use of iPad in classroom

What is the next step in the use of technology in schools?

My eye was caught by the 'bac...

04 Sep 2010

College football crowd record broken

 The University of Michigan football team (where I had a season ticket many years ago while ...

05 Sep 2010

'Free schools' likely to remain tiny minority

 Michael Gove tried to sound upbeat about his prediction that some 16 'free' schools will ...

05 Sep 2010

The £400 million new 'academy-style' school

 It's a story that's been running in all the media in the USA -- the new school that has c...

06 Sep 2010

Measuring teachers' effectiveness - Obama's school reform

 The current buzz in American school reform is 'teacher evaluation'. According to Presiden...

07 Sep 2010

UK and USA both falling down graduate league

 Just as the OECD figures confirm that the UK is falling down the international league table...

07 Sep 2010

Vocational education review looks bad for diplomas

 The announcement that Professor Alison Wolf will lead a government review into vocational e...

09 Sep 2010

Sofa bans, extreme religion and dismay on US campus

 It's the start of the new academic year at the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor, one o...

09 Sep 2010

Law students need your help for charity ball

  A group of law students  need your support to help them make a success of a char...

15 Sep 2010

For-profit school providers shun 'free schools'

 At a conference for independent schools this week I heard a blunt admission from the head o...

15 Sep 2010

Excellent article on uneven cuts in universities

 My fellow trustee at the National Education Trust has written a timely warning about the li...

20 Sep 2010

Rallying cry to save Diplomas

 I've just chaired a conference on diplomas and was struck by the powerful sense of  d...

22 Sep 2010

Changes to school monitoring

 Schools will no longer have to fill out the Self Evaluation Form (SEF) which was brought in...

23 Sep 2010

More education quangos at risk

 The leaked list of quangos at risk includes several well-known, and long-established, educa...

24 Sep 2010

Heads gamble over Gove's SATs review

 The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has taken something of a gamble in calling...

27 Sep 2010