Website Archive - Aug 2010

Grant Maintained schools Mark II

The coalition government's reform of the academies programme is a return to the grant maintained schools of the late 1980s.

04 Aug 2010 BBC News Online

Website redesign

 Many thanks to my nephew Joe Herbert for the expert redesign of this website. He comes high...

01 Aug 2010

A Levels and university entrance

It's interesting to note how many of those newspapers and commentators which decried the 50% uni...

19 Aug 2010

BBC's schools season

 Well done to the BBC for putting  a 'schools season' on BBC2 to mark the start of th...

24 Aug 2010

Help needed for able but disadvantaged students

I'm a trustee at Villiers Park Educational Trust, a charity that seeks to help very able young p...

31 Aug 2010