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What does academy status really mean?

The government wants many more schools to become academies - but what do the much-talked about "freedoms" really amount to?

05 Jun 2010 BBC News Online

IGCSEs - spelling the end of the national curriculum?

The decision to allow state schools to teach the IGCSE suggests the national curriculum no longer rules

20 Jun 2010 BBC News Online

Revealed: top education salaries in Whitehall

 The list of public servants earning more than the £150,000 a year includes several wo...

01 Jun 2010

Demise of the GTCE

 So the axe has fallen on the General Teaching Council for England. It's no great surprise....

02 Jun 2010

Academies stampede

 Schools in England have rushed to be on the starting line for Michael Gove's dash for acad...

02 Jun 2010

Video report on coalition government's plans for schools

 Starting this week, I will be doing a weekly video report on the latest developments in sch...

03 Jun 2010

Goodbye QCDA -- what now for the curriculum?

Ever since Mrs Thatcher's government created the national curriculum in 1988, there has been an ...

05 Jun 2010

IGCSE , Diplomas and National Curriculum changes

The government has confirmed that it will add the IGCSE to the approved list of qualifications. &...

07 Jun 2010

Funding cuts - more details announced

The Education Secretary, Michael Gove,has given more details of the £670 million cuts from ...

07 Jun 2010

Full breakdown and analysis of education cuts

 Although I had asked several times for the full breakdown of the £670 million in cuts...

08 Jun 2010

Teachers TV film on academies

 The second film in my series 'Need to Know'  - which each week looks at the latest d...

09 Jun 2010

Will new Education Select Committee hold government to account?

 The Children, Schools & Families Parliamentary Select Committee is to be renamed the Ed...

10 Jun 2010

Will new academies hit September target? Not many!

 The government hopes that its new fast-track to academy status for "outstanding" ...

11 Jun 2010

New primary curriculum programme on Teachers TV

The latest programme in my series 'Need to Know' covers the post-election changes to the primar...

16 Jun 2010

Michael Gove's curriculum experts - who are they?

We can expect an announcement soon about the membership of the Curriculum Committee which will ad...

16 Jun 2010

Facebook protest over AQA English exam


<Please see the comments which have been posted in response to this, in parti...

20 Jun 2010

Gove calls for a more international curriculum

A little noticed aspect of the Education Secretary Michael Gove's speech last week at the Nation...

20 Jun 2010

Diplomas undermined further by new government

 The coalition government has acted again to undermine the diplomas brought in by the last g...

25 Jun 2010

New film on changes to the 2dry curriculum

My latest film in the Teachers TV Need to Know series looks at the changes to the secondary curri...

25 Jun 2010

Teachers TV investigates the Budget and the pupil premium

In my latest short film for Teachers TV, I look at what the coalition government's 2010 ...

29 Jun 2010

Is the new government anti-technology in schools

I'd welcome the views of teachers, heads, and other education experts on this topic for an artic...

29 Jun 2010