Website Archive - Apr 2010

Are the politicians right about standards?

We constantly hear politicians bemoaning how many children leave primary school unable to read and write but how true are their claims?

24 Apr 2010 BBC News Online

Labour Party manifesto - more of the same

I suppose it's to be expected from a Party that has been in power so long, but there were no sur...

12 Apr 2010

Tory education manifesto - gaps and contradictions

For all its overall size, the Conservative Party manifesto gives less space to education than Lab...

13 Apr 2010

A challenge to political parties

 The independent education charity, the National Education Trust, has put down a set of chal...

19 Apr 2010

SATS boycott to go ahead

The leaderships of the NAHT and the NUT have announced that they will definitely be going ahead w...

21 Apr 2010

Universities changing offers in current round

I've been picking up concerns from schools and colleges that there has been a growing tendency t...

26 Apr 2010

Tough questions for manifesto promises

 The Institute for Fiscal Studies has produced an invaluable analysis of the main parties' ...

26 Apr 2010

Government gets tough on SATs boycott

The government has pushed school governors into the firing line in the battle over the national c...

29 Apr 2010