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What do the HE cuts really mean?

Are universities crying wolf over government funding cuts?

07 Feb 2010 BBC News Online

UK government tightens student visas

The government  has tightened the restrictions on overseas students coming to study in Brita...

07 Feb 2010

Time to nominate for Teaching Awards

 The deadline is fast approaching for the 2010 Teaching Awards. You only have until March 1s...

08 Feb 2010

Surge in university applications - it's going to get tough

 The announcement that university applications are up by almost 23% on last year indicates a...

08 Feb 2010

Get ready for the A* at A Level

 This summer sees the first awards of the new A* at A Level.

But, as I learned at th...

08 Feb 2010

University cuts - staff jobs to go

 The first signs of the effect on next year's budget cuts in universities are beginning to ...

08 Feb 2010

Getting in to university - how tough will it be?

 More fascinating information from the UCAS annual conference on admissions, which I am chai...

09 Feb 2010

Visa controls could 'block' genuine students

The British Council has raised concerns about the impact of the new tightening of controls on ove...

10 Feb 2010