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The Cambridge Primary Review - Analysis

There's a lot more to the Cambridge Review than just raising the starting age for the formal primary curriculum -- which dominated most media coverage.

18 Oct 2009 BBC News Online

Don't neglect older learners

We should not forget older learners - it's time to adjust our priorities.

20 Oct 2009 The Guardian 22nd September

Uncertain future for universities

What's happened to the long-awaited 'new framework' for higher education and the fees review?

24 Oct 2009 BBC News Online

Tories plan new technical schools

The Conservatives' plans for new 'technical schools' in 12 major English cities sound rather l...

05 Oct 2009

Michael Gove's Tory conference speech

 As I listened to Michael Gove's speech at the Tory Party conference something nagged away ...

07 Oct 2009

History of rural primary school in the 1960s

 Following my recent Radio 4 series on the history of primary schools I was sent a delightfu...

09 Oct 2009

Safeguarding in schools

I've just started filming a programme on safeguarding in schools for Teachers TV. Yesterday we w...

13 Oct 2009

25 years since the Brighton bomb

It's amazing to realise it's 25 years since the IRA blew up the Grand Hotel during the Conserva...

13 Oct 2009

Getting pupils to 'grass up' misbehaving peers

I visited an interesting school in Southampton today where they have a novel way of dealing with ...

13 Oct 2009

Student fees - open debate needed

Today's hint from the Conservatives that student tuition fees may have to rise to £7,000 a...

14 Oct 2009

Cambridge Primary Review

The long-awaited Cambridge Primary Review will be published tomorrow morning (Friday). Will it pr...

15 Oct 2009

Cambridge Primary Review - a brief guide to key points

 The final report of the Cambridge Primary Review - Children, their World, their Education -...

16 Oct 2009

Analysis of Cambridge Primary Review

 My analysis of the Cambridge Primary Review report will appear shortly on the BBC News Educ...

16 Oct 2009

New group to create independent state schools

A new charity to help create a network of new independent state schools has just been launched.

18 Oct 2009

Frustration over Primary Review

I attended last night's debate on the Cambridge Primary Review's final report at the RSA i...

20 Oct 2009