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Lessons from the History of Primary Schools

Why are we still shackled by the past when it comes to primary school reform?

30 Sep 2009 The Guardian

Radio 4 series on primary schools

I now have a broadcast date for my forthcoming BBC Radio 4 series on the history of primary schoo...

05 Sep 2009

Academies - now free!

 It's tempting to say that the decision to scrap the £2 million entrance fee for City...

07 Sep 2009

OECD case for investment in education

This week's OECD 'Education at a Glance, 2009' is a  timely - and convincing -  remi...

11 Sep 2009

History of Primary Schools Programme 1

 My new series 'Abacus to Circle Time: A Short History of Primary Schools' starts on Tuesd...

11 Sep 2009

Too much pressure on teachers to hit targets

 I've come across an alarming report in a fascinating teachers' blog.

'The Views ...

14 Sep 2009

Radio 4 primary school series starts

 Sorry to go on about it...but just a reminder that my BBC Radio 4 series on the history of ...

14 Sep 2009

History of Primary Schools - Listen Again!


 If you missed programme 1 of  'From Abacus to Circle Time: A Shor...

17 Sep 2009

Political cloud over diplomas

It's a shame that the Conservatives have allowed a dark cloud to hang over the new 14-19 diploma...

19 Sep 2009

Future of primary schools

  I'm taking part in BBC Radio 4's debate on the future of primary schools today -- i...

25 Sep 2009

Fringe event at Labour

If you're anywhere near Brighton on Tuesday do come along to the fringe event that I'm chairing...

28 Sep 2009

Last part of history of primary schools on BBC Radio 4

The final programme in my series on the history of primary schools is on BBC Radio 4 Tuesday 29th...

28 Sep 2009

Gordon Brown on school funding

So Gordon Brown used his party conference speech to lay down a challenge on school funding. ...

29 Sep 2009

Primary school debate

Listening back to tonight's BBC Radio 4 debate on the future for primary schools, it became clea...

30 Sep 2009

Article on history of primary schools

My Guardian article on the history of primary schools can now be found on the articles page of th...

30 Sep 2009

History of primary schools - problems listening again

A number of you have kindly sent comments saying you wished to catch the BBC 4 series 'From Abac...

30 Sep 2009