Website Archive - Jul 2009

More comments on the MTL

More comments arising from the BBC News website article on the new Masters in Teaching and Learning

01 Jul 2009

Who controls the curriculum?

As the new Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency takes over from the QCA - and as David Cameron proposes a bonfire of the quangos - who should decide what schools teach?

31 Jul 2009 The Guardian

Private schools and charitable status

Look closely at the judgements on the first test cases and some clear criteria for charitable status emerge.

31 Jul 2009 BBC News Online

Anger over FE building programme

There is anger over the decision by the Learning and Skills Council that only 13 out of 144 ...

01 Jul 2009

Sir Tim Brighouse criticises micro-management of schools

This week I chaired the first of a new series of Oxford Education Debates. The idea is to revisit...

03 Jul 2009

Superb new cycle path

Please excuse a diversion from education issues...but I've just cycled some of the new Herepath ...

05 Jul 2009

Licence to teach - what do you think?

First we had the expectation that all teachers will gain a master in Teaching and Learning within...

05 Jul 2009

Shirley Williams

I have just interviewed Baroness Shirley Williams for my forthcoming series on the history of pri...

07 Jul 2009

Sir Bobby Robson

 Please excuse a non-education blog... but I cannot let pass without comment the very s...

31 Jul 2009

Mandelson's hints on fees

Lord Mandelson's first set-piece speech in universties contained some interesting hints on the f...

31 Jul 2009