Website Archive - Jun 2009

University admissions maze

Do universities care about personal statements? How do they decide between applicants?

05 Jun 2009 The Guardian

What's in store for education spending?

After Ed Balls' promise on protecting school spending (or was it just an aspiration?), how does the future look for education as public spending faces a squeeze?

17 Jun 2009 BBC News Online

A new political home for universities and colleges

As the dust settles on the Cabinet reshuffle what does the abolition of DIUS mean for universities and colleges?

17 Jun 2009 Guardian Education

Masters in Teaching and Learning

Soon all new teachers will be expected to gain a Masters degree within five years of qualifying - is it a good idea?

28 Jun 2009 BBC News Online

Readers' comments on Masters in Teaching and Learning

Here's a selection of the responses I received to the article which you can see in full here or on the BBC News website.

28 Jun 2009 BBC News

Ed Balls stays as Schools Secretary

 It is a great relief that that Ed Balls will stay in post as Children and Schools Secr...

05 Jun 2009

Jim Knight to leave schools minister post

I'm very sorry to see Jim Knight move from his schools post. He is a real human being.


05 Jun 2009

Goodbye Department for Universities

So another victim of the reshuffle is the Department for Innovation Universities and Skills. It h...

05 Jun 2009

Diplomas and 14-19 reforms

  I have just chaired the first of several conferences on the 14-19 education reforms i...

09 Jun 2009

14-19 Reforms

 I've been chairing a series of conferences on the 14-19 education reforms in England. So f...

17 Jun 2009

School reforms - the grassroots view

I am nearing the end of chairing five national conferences on the 14-19 reforms in England's sch...

24 Jun 2009

The 'i before e' spelling row

 I have been following with interest the debate about the decision to drop the 'i before e...

24 Jun 2009

Sir Tim Brighouse debate

Tomorrow afternoon (Monday 29th June) I'll be chairing the first of a new series of Oxford Educa...

28 Jun 2009

Masters in Teaching and Learning

 I have had strong reactions to my article on the BBC website this week, in which I looked a...

28 Jun 2009