Website Archive - May 2009

Nature or nurture: which determines educational success?

Chris Woodhead raised the question of the role of genes in educational success - but what does the research show?

15 May 2009 BBC News Online

Do we still need creativity in schools?

10 years after the publication of 'All Our Futures' is the need for creativity in schools as great as ever?

26 May 2009 BBC News Online

Chris Barber - what a man!

I know this is straying from education but I have just returned from listening to the Chris Barbe...

05 May 2009

Rose is not another Plowden

 I have a piece in The Education Guardian today prompted by a recent re-reading of the water...

19 May 2009

Today's Education Guardian

I have a piece in Education Guardian today askingwhat students are supposed to make of the confus...

26 May 2009

Teachers TV programmes

My next programmes in the Need To Know series are being broadcast:

Changes in School...

26 May 2009

Creativity in schools

 I have just chaired a round-table discussion at The Education Guardian on the topic of crea...

28 May 2009