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Was Mrs Thatcher right about the curriculum?

Do we need so much prescription and breadth in the national curriculum?

14 Apr 2009 BBC News Online

Was Mrs Thatcher right?

 Was Mrs Thatcher right about the national curriculum? Those with long memories will recall ...

03 Apr 2009

The world's most horrific high school

It was once the Tuol Svay High School, an ordinary school on a pleasant site in Cambodia's capit...

05 Apr 2009

University admissions

 I am chairing the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) annual admissions con...

08 Apr 2009

SATs boycott

So the National Union of Teachers' annual conference has, hardly surprisingly, backed the move t...

14 Apr 2009

SATs boycott - remember 1993?

After the NUT's Easter conference, another SATs boycott threatens. How will it end? Well, thos...

14 Apr 2009

Classroom discipline report

  A lot of news coverage today for Sir Alan Steer's report on behaviour in schools. That is...

15 Apr 2009

Functional Skills debacle

 I have a piece in today's Education Guardian on the bizarre twists and turn...

21 Apr 2009

Colleges bail out

Very good to see that the Chancellor did the decent thing and made good the colleges' and sixth-...

23 Apr 2009

Architect of revolutionary school design

 There is a lovely tribute to David Medd, one of the country's leading school architects, i...

27 Apr 2009

Radio 4 series on primary schools

I'm off to do the first of many recordings for my a forthcoming BBC Radio 4 series on the histor...

29 Apr 2009