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Cruel hoax in student admissions?

Will this summer's changes to university admissions really allow students to upgrade their offers? It looks unlikely.

10 Mar 2009 BBC News Online

School lessons from Singapore

What can we learn from one of the world's most successful school systems?

10 Mar 2009 The Guardian

Record sighting of Education Secretaries

 Last night I saw four former Secretaries of State for Education in one room -- is that a re...

03 Mar 2009

Apologies - server down

 Apologies to anyone who had trouble getting on to this website recently - I am afraid the s...

03 Mar 2009

Follow Mike on Twitter

 You can now get brief updates on what I am up to at Twitter:

Become a teacher in just 6 months

 The government's latest idea is that high-flier recruits can be trained to become teachers...

10 Mar 2009

Ed Balls on school report cards

Ed Balls say school report cards must be 'simple and easy'

 At th...

13 Mar 2009

Click here to see world's prettiest school

This floating school is in Halong Bay, Vietnam. It is for the fishing community that lives on flo...

15 Mar 2009

Heads reject 'simple' school report cards

 It is now quite clear that leaders of secondary schools and colleges are very wary about th...

16 Mar 2009

University fees - no rise before 2013

 So a majority of vice-chancellors (anonymously at least) want tuition fees to rise t...

17 Mar 2009

Pupil inspection vindicated

 A short while ago I wrote my Guardian column about Caversham Primary school, near Reading w...

17 Mar 2009

Concerns about pupil finger-printing

 The leading human rights campaigner, Sami Chakrabarti, the Director of Liberty, has warned&...

27 Mar 2009

Making Good Progress TV programme

My latest programme in the 'Need To Know' series for Teachers TV is broadcast tonight (Tuesday 31...

31 Mar 2009