Website Archive - Oct 2008

What is fair in university admissions?

Why are some independent schools so hostile to attempts to level the playing-field of university admissions?

03 Oct 2008 BBC News Online

Why were the tests at 14 scrapped?

The problems with marking were a major factor behind the demise of the tests at 14.

22 Oct 2008 BBc News Online

What future for diplomas?

With news that uptake was lower than expected, what is the future for the new diplomas?

21 Oct 2008 Public Finance

The teachers deserve their Oscars

Reflections on the Teaching Awards, the status of teachers, and one of my favourite teachers.

25 Oct 2008 BBC News Online

National tests at 11 hamper primary review

The Rose Review into primary education will report soon - but why is it not allowed to look at the issue of national tests?

24 Oct 2008 The Guardian

Future of academies

 There's a fair bit of speculation in today's media that the reshuffle of Lord Adonis spel...

07 Oct 2008

CIPR National Education Journalist of the Year

Mike Baker and Helen Wickham ho...

14 Oct 2008

The Teaching Awards

 I was at The Teaching Awards on Sunday. Once again it was an uplifting and, at times, movin...

22 Oct 2008

What made your favourite teacher memorable?

 I wrote my weekly BBC column about the Teaching Awards and the memories it prompted of ...

25 Oct 2008

Favourite teachers remembered: your responses

From Jamie Adam:

I read your latest excellent article on the 10th Teacher Awards, and imm...

25 Oct 2008