Website Archive - Jul 2008

Diplomas: are the employers right?

Was the CBI right to say that the extra 3 diplomas in sciences, humanities and languages are an 'unnecessary distraction'?

02 Jul 2008 BBC News Online

Education 50 years on - better or worse?

'Now We Are 50' provides a fascinating insight into the education of the generation born in 1958.

14 Jul 2008 BBC News Online

Digging deeper into the SATs marking problem

Correspondence between the Education Secretary and the head of the exams watchdog reveals early concerns about the risks involved in the new marking system.

16 Jul 2008 The Guardian

Was there ever a golden age for schools?

A key longitudinal study suggests that fond memories of a golden age for education are misleading.

25 Jul 2008 BBC News Online

SATS marking fiasco - a marker's experience

 I enjoyed your article on the SATS fiasco and many of the points were familiar to me. I am ...

16 Jul 2008

SATS fiasco - more grass roots experiences

I just read your article 'More questions about the SATs test fiasco' on the web site, after h...

17 Jul 2008