Website Archive - Jun 2008

What's the appeal of private education?

Why do more parents now say they would choose private education if they could afford it?

07 Jun 2008 BBC News Online

Does naming and shaming really work?

The government warns all schools with fewer than 30% A*-C at GCSE that they could face closure - but this tactic has been tried before. Does it work?

14 Jun 2008 BBC News

University entrance: tail wagging the dog?

Should the whole A-level system be reformed just because a small number of universities struggle to distinguish between the best candidates?

17 Jun 2008 The Guardian

University entrance: Manchester university response

Response from Julian Skyrme, Head of Undergraduate Recruitment at the University of Manchester, to the article 'Tail Wagging the Dog'.

23 Jun 2008

Students: customers or learners?

The latest news about the pressures on academics to mark leniently raise fundamental questions about the relationship between universities and students.

24 Jun 2008 BBC News Online

Lecturer confirms 'pressure to mark leniently'

Fascinating response from a science lecturer at a London university to the article 'Students: customers or learners?'

24 Jun 2008

Free Latin lessons for state school teachers

The following anouncement caught my eye and seems to me an excellent example of universities putt...

20 Jun 2008

Useful summary of current education reforms

  Do you get confused by the plethora of education reforms? If so, like me, you may find the...

20 Jun 2008